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1.The Age of Ignorance | 2.Before Prophethood | 3.After Prophethood | 4.Hijrah | 5.In Madinah | 6.Battle of Badr | 7.Battle of Uhud | 8.Battle of the Trench | 9.The Expedition Against the Banu Quraiyzah | 10.The Peace Treaty of Hudaybiyyah | 11.Inviting the Kings and Rulers to Islam | 12.The Expedition to Khaybar | 13.The Expedition to Mu'tah | 14.The Conquest of Makkah | 15.The Battle of Hunayn | 16.The Expedition of Ta'if | 17.The Tabuk Expedition | 18.The Year of Delegations | 19.The Farewell Hajj | 20.The Death of the Messenger(sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) | Miracles of Rasululullah(sallallaahu alaiyhi wassallam) | THE 24 Hrs. ROUTINE OF NABI(sallallaahu alaiyhi wassallam)
THE 24 Hrs. ROUTINE OF NABI(sallallaahu alaiyhi wassallam)


THE 24 Hrs. ROUTINE OF NABI(sallallaahu alaiyhi wassallam) is an excerpt taken from USWAI RASOOL-e-AKRAM written by Hazrat Moulana Doctor Abdul Hai(R.A.), a senior khalifa Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi(R.A.).

It aptly and eloquently describes the 24 hours routine of our beloved guide Huzoor-e-Paak (sallallaahu alaiyhi wassallam).
It is hoped that Insha-Allah,that we may emulate our beloved Nabi (sallallaahu alaiyhi wassallam),in his daily routine,Insha-Allah.

THE DAILY ROUTINE OF THE HOLY PROPHET(Sallallaahu alaiyhi wassallam):
It was customary with the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) that after saying Salatul Fajr followed by remembering of Allah's names, he sat cross-legged where he was in the mosque and his Companions (Allah be pleased with them) sat around him. This was the Court of the Prophet. This was the circle of attention (spiritual). This was the training centre. This was the gathering of his friends. This was the place where he made known the revelations received by
him to his companions and showered esoteric beneficences and spiritual blessings on them. Here, he imparted religious education, explained social manners and business dealings as also ethical delicacies. Here he settled personal matters and decided disputes. Very often he asked his companions to tell him if any one of them had a vision. He then heard the vision and gave his interpretation. Sometimes, he mentioned his own vision and himself gave its interpretation. Subsequently, he gave up this practice.(MADIRIJUN NUBUWAH)

Sormtimes during the conversation the companions (Allah be pleased with them) narrated, with due regard, the tales of pre-Islamic period, recited encomiums and couplets and cut jokes. He used to hear all this and sometimes he smiled on this. Thereafter he offered salatul-Ishraaq.
Often at this time he used to distribute the booty as well as stipends to the people.When the sun sufficiently rose up, he offered salaatul-Duha; sometimes four rakahs and sometimes eight rakahs of nafl prayer.
Thereafter the meeting was dispersed and he went to the apartment of that wife whose day it was. There he engaged himself in the service of his family and did his own chores. He took meal once a day and took rest at noon. (SIRATUN NABI)

After saying salaatul- Zuhr in a congregation he visited the markets of Madinah, looked into the dealings of the shop-keepers, examined their merchandise to find out its qualities, inspected their weighing and measuring and if during the visit he found a need he met his needs.

After saying salatul Asr in a congregation he went to the apartments of each of his wives, enquired their welfare,and stayed with each of them for a short while. This he did so regularly and positively that every one of them realized how much he valued time and punctuality