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What to do on Thursday night | What to do on Friday:Before Fajr | What to do on Friday Morning | Proceeding for Jumua Salaat | What to do After Jumua Salaat | What to do After Asar Salaat on Jumua | Jumua Surahs | Virtues of Salawaat(Durood)
What to do on Thursday night

1. Jumua Preparations
2. Two Nafl After Maghrib
3. Surah A'alaa
4. Surah Dukhaan
5. Ya-Dhaaru
6. Durood Sharief
7. Surah Baqarah & Surah Ale Imraan

1. JUMUAH PREPARATIONS:Washing of clothing,applying itr on ones's clothing,clipping one's nails, shaping the beard, removing of pubic hair etc. should commence on Thursday night. (IHYAA)

2. TWO NAFL AFTER MAGHRIB: Al Asbahaani reports from Ibn Abbas(R.A.) that Rasulullah(Sallallahu alaiyhi wasallam)said:
"The one who performs 2 raka'ats after Maghrib on this night(ie.Thursday night) and recites in every raka'at,once Surah Faatihah and 15 times Surah Zilzaal, Allah will ease for him the Sakaraat(throes) of death and He will save him from the punishment of the grave and make easy for him the crossing of the Siraat."

3. SURAH A'ALA: Read Surah A'alaa on Thursday night.

4. SURAH DUKHAAN: Whoever recites Surah Dukhaan on the night
of Jumuah( ie. Thursday night), 70 000 Angels are given the task of begging Allah's forgiveness on the reciters behalf ,until the morning. (TIRMIZI)

5. YA-DHAARU(100 times): Anyone who says this name of Allah Ta'ala on the eve of Jumua(Thursday night) will be safeguarded against all physical and spiritual calamities. This will draw the reciter near to Allah Ta'ala- if Allah so wishes.

6. DUROOD SHARIEF: As Jumua starts after Maghrib on Thursday
night,one should take the added advantage of sending Durood;Salawaat to Rasulullah(Sallallahu alaiyhi wasallam) on this night.
A shortened,brief ,yet effective Durood can be recited:"Sallallahu Alaiyhi wasallam";many tasbeehs as one wishes to.Hazrat Farouk Saheb(R.A.) use to recite this durood, 500 times+ every night.

On the eve of Jumua(Thursday night) read Surah Baqarah & Surah Aale Imraan.The Thawaab and virtues are great.These 2 surahs are also known as Zah'raa'wain. Rasulullah(Sallallahu alaiyhi wasallam) said: "The person who reads Surah Baqarah & Surah Aale Imraan on the eve of Jumuah,for him there will be a reward equal to that,which is between the seventh earth and the seventh sky." (TARGHEEB,ASBAHAANI)
The person who is unable to read these 2 surahs on the eve of Jumuah,must at least try to read Surah Aale Imraan on the Day of Jumuah.
Rasulullah(Sallallahu alaiyhi wasallam) said:"The one who reads Surah Aale Imraan on the Day of Jumuah,Allah and His Malaaikah (Angels) will send Salaah(mercies) on the reciter till the sun sets."
According to the Ahaadeeth,there are numerous other virtues and benefits of the these 2 Surahs(ie the Zah'raa'wain.)

Virtues of Zah'raa'wain:
1.The Zah'raa'wain will come in the form of 2 clouds on the Day of Qiyaamah,and they will protect it's reader from the severe heat of this Day.
2.Shaytaan retreats from the home wherein Surah Baqarah is read.
3.The Zah'raa'wain will intercede or argue on behalf of it's reader on the Day of Qiyaamah.
4.Reading them brings Barakah and neglecting them will cause(one to)grief on the Day of Qiyamaah.
5.In another Hadeeth it has appeared that everything has a hump (a highest point) and the hump of the Quraan is Surah Baqarah.
6.In another Hadeeth it has come that Rasulullah(Sallallahu alaiyhi wasallam) said:" I have been granted Surah Baqarah(especially) from the Divine Tablet."
7.In yet another Hadeeth it has come,whoever reads Surah Baqarah at night then shaytaan will not enter his house for three nights and whoever reads it in the day then shaytaan will not enter his house for three days.